Red Team Assessment
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Simulation of real-world attacks to identify vulnerabilities and achieve objectives within a time frame without disrupting business operations.

Cyberattacks Becoming More Complex and Sophisticated

  • Dissolving Network Perimeter: Since it becomes blurry, a single cybersecurity solution or penetration testing isn’t adequate anymore.
  • Emerging Vulnerabilities: Once attackers leverage critical weaknesses in the internal network, they can bypass defenses and compromise core systems.
  • Inherent Cyber Risks: As more websites, network devices, and network services, more attack vectors are available to the adversary.
  • Mindset Gap: Attackers don't attack well-defended core assets directly but exploit one ignored weakness. Therefore, defenders need to think like attackers to avoid cyber incidents.

Who Needs Red Team Assessments?

Publicly Traded or Large-cap Enterprises with Confidential Data
Enterprises with Substantial Digital Assets
Enterprises that Promote Their Efforts on Cybersecurity
Organizations Handling High-Sensitive Data
Organizations with Powerful Social Impact
Organizations Seeking Comprehensive Cybersecurity Assessment

Red Team Assessment is a "no-holds-barred" attack simulation leveraging extensive tactics and techniques to breach the perimeter and achieve predefined objectives without disrupting business operations.

What's in the Report of Red Team Assessment?

High-risk Routes to Infiltrate Core Assets

We offer a detailed description of the kill chain and a step-by-step analysis from the hackers' perspective centered around the objectives.

Vulnerability Details and Mitigation Advice

We elaborate on key weaknesses and their root causes, exploitation, and impacts. In addition, we also provide specific mitigation advice to address and remediate findings in a short time.

Customized Strategic Recommendations

It includes network infrastructure, Active Directory, secure development guidelines, credential management, privilege management, event monitoring, and other observations.

ISO 27001 Compliant Advice

We provide actionable instructions corresponding to the standard's controls to help you reliably increase cyber resilience and respond to evolving threats.

Timeline of Key Events

This will be provided as additional insights into the interplay of offensive and defensive operations and identify missed Indicators of Compromise (IoC).

Benefits of a Red Team Assessment

  • Assess immediate risks of business objectives
  • Evaluate the impact of a data breach
  • Identify risks in your network perimeter
  • Find vectors for lateral movement
  • Determine the security posture and development practices of your supply chain
  • Analyze the Blue Team’s detection and response capabilities


DEVCORE is the first cybersecurity company to launch "Red Team Assessment" in Taiwan with clients across governments, the financial sector, the high-tech manufacturing industry, and the e-commerce industry. We’ve won high admiration of clients due to our abundant experience and "high morality, strongly disciplined, and extreme caution" principle.

Simulated Attacks from Real-world Hackers

Armed with the proficiency of real-world hackers, DEVCORE’s experts simulate sophisticated strategies and creative techniques to demonstrate realistic cyber risks.

Complex Scenarios and Diverse Techniques

We simulate up-to-date composite intrusion scenarios, such as external to internal, internal to internal, Wi-Fi intrusion, or bypass VPN restrictions, and we also use diverse attack methods. Thus, our clients can constantly enhance the reliability of the attack simulation and ensure security.

World-class Cybersecurity Researchers

We have won numerous international cybersecurity awards, exposed high-risk vulnerabilities in world-class products, and received bug bounties from global corporations.


  • How much would DEVCORE charge me for Red Team Assessment?

    It will be determined by the industry, scale, the number of internal and external assets, objectives, and defense capabilities. We will call a meeting to align expectations and requirements, then provide you with a reasonable quotation of our tailed Red Team Assessment.

  • What information should be provided for the first Red Team Assessment?

    To simulate a real-world attack, you only need to provide the scope and objectives.

  • Which level of cybersecurity maturity is suitable for conducting a Red Team Assessment?

    Red Team Assessment is an optimal tool for reviewing defense strategies. Once the systems are strengthened with a certain level of defensive measures, a Red Team Assessment will be practical in pinpointing areas of improvement and converging the planning of future strategies.

  • How often should I conduct a Red Team Assessment?

    We recommend conducting a Red Team Assessment annually or biennially to ensure the reliability of cybersecurity.

  • How does DEVCORE protect sensitive information during a Red Team Assessment?

    DEVCORE has been certified under ISO 27001, with the scope covering the management, procedures, and processes of customer data and other sensitive information. In addition, all project members will sign an NDA.

Protecting Your Valuable Assets.

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