Red Team Assessment
Protects Your Assets.

Simulate an attack on an enterprise's system to find vulnerabilities without disrupting operations and meet predefined objectives within a time limit.

Cybersecurity Attacks,
Mindblowingly sophisticated and adroit

  • Network perimeter: It is hard for enterprises to defend their complex and hard-to-define network perimeter effectively only with penetration testing or a single solution.
  • Vulnerabilities are constantly emerging: Once attackers leverage critical weaknesses to gain a foothold in the internal network, they would then evade detection, bypass defenses, and proceed to compromise the enterprise's core systems.
  • Inherent risk in cybersecurity posture: Commonly seen across large corporations, the more websites, equipment, and services exposed to the internet, the more attack vectors available to the adversary.
  • Mindset gap between the offensive and defensive: No matter how well-defended the core assets are, an attacker simply has to find a single exploitable weakness to crack the armor and deal severe impact.

Who Needs Red Team Assessments?

Publicly traded or large-cap enterprises with highly sensitive and confidential data
Enterprises with substantial digital assets and require comprehensive testing
Enterprises with cybersecurity as a key element of their corporate image
Enterprises handling sensitive information subject to data protection regulations
Organizations with powerful social impact
Entities seeking comprehensive evaluation of their cybersecurity defenses

Red Team Assessment is a “no-holds-barred” attack simulation leveraging extensive tactics and techniques to breach the enterprises' perimeter and achieve predefined engagement objectives, all without interrupting regular operation.

What's in a Red Team Assessment Report?

Identify High-risk Routes for Infiltrating Core Assets

Centered around the engagement objectives, we elaborate on each element of the kill chain and offer a step-by-step analysis from a hacker's perspective.

Vulnerability Details and Mitigation Advice

We break down key weaknesses leveraged in that operation and explain their respective root cause, exploitation, and impact. We also provide practical and specific mitigation advice to help you quickly address and remediate findings.

Customized Strategic Recommendations

Beyond specific vulnerabilities, we give strategic recommendations on areas of improvement, such as network infrastructure, Active Directory, secure development guidelines, credential management, privilege management, event monitoring, and other observations during the engagement.

ISO 27001 Compliant Advice

Based on ISO 27001, the world's best-known standard for information security management systems (ISMS), we provide actionable instructions corresponding to the standard's controls to help you reliably increase cyber resilience and respond to evolving threats.

Timeline of Key Events

We document the timeline of actions taken, which provides our clients additional insight into the interplay of offensive and defensive operations, and identify missed Indicators of Compromise (IoC).

Benefits of a Red Team Assessment

  • Assess immediate risks to Business objectives
  • Evaluate the impact of a data breach
  • Identify risks in your network perimeter
  • Find vectors for lateral movement
  • Determine the security posture of your supply chain and development practices
  • Analyze the Blue Team's detection and response capabilities


DEVCORE is the first cybersecurity company to propose the "Red Team Assessment" to customers of the Finance, High-tech, Manufacturing, Government, Transportation, and e-commerce industry in Taiwan. Our team has strong experience in Red Team Assessment and operates under the principles of "high morality, strongly disciplined, and extreme caution" and gains customers' trust.

Simulate Attacks from Real-world Hacker Groups

Armed with the proficiency of real-world hackers, DEVCORE's experts simulate sophisticated strategies and creative techniques to demonstrate fact-based cybersecurity risks.

Complex Simulation Scenarios and Diverse Offensive Techniques

Providing simulated intrusion scenarios such as external to internal, internal to internal, Wi-Fi intrusion, or bypassing VPN restrictions. DEVCORE offers up-to-date simulated intrusion scenarios with composite training scenarios and diverse attack methods. Continuously enhancing the realism of the training ensures the security of the enterprise.

World-class Cybersecurity Researchers

DEVCORE researchers have repeatedly won numerous international cybersecurity awards, exposed high risk vulnerabilities in world-class products, and received bug bounties from global corporations.


  • How is the Red Team Assessment charged?

    Our quote considers various factors, including the client's industry, scale, number of internal and external assets, engagement objectives, and defensive capabilities. Our team of experts will invite you to a meeting to align expectations and requirements of the engagement, then propose tailored service details and reasonable pricing.

  • What information should I provide for the first engagement?

    To simulate a realistic attack, provide the objectives and scope authorized for the Red Team Assessment.

  • What level of cybersecurity maturity is suitable for conducting a Red Team Assessment?

    Red Team Assessment is the optimal tool for enterprises to review their defense strategies. With defensive mechanisms in place, Red Team Assessments are usually effective in pinpointing areas of improvement and converging the planning of future strategies.

  • What is the recommended frequency for conducting a Red Team Assessment?

    To best defend against evolving threats, we recommend doing a Red Team Assessment annually or biennially, depending on the client's nature of business and cybersecurity posture.

  • How does DEVCORE protect sensitive information obtained during a Red Team Assessment?

    DEVCORE has been certified under ISO 27001, with the scope covering the management, procedures, and processes of customer data and other sensitive information. In addition, all project members will sign the non-disclosure agreement (NDA) to protect sensitive information.

Protecting Your Valuable Assets.

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