Join DEVCORE to challenge the unknown

DEVCORE is one of the few cybersecurity companies specializing in proactive security services in Taiwan, and we were the first local company to launch Red Team Assessment services in 2017. Our hacker mindset and exceptional technical skills have allowed us to continue offering the most realistic attack drills to customers from diverse sectors, including the government, finance, high-tech manufacturing, and online retail. We assist customers in realizing hacker mindset and establishing defensive strategies based on the attacker's perspective; as such, we've become the most skilled cybersecurity provider offering Red Team Assessment services in Taiwan.

Core values

We hope that DEVCORERs can share the same philosophy and values. This is not only our expectation for ourselves but also an important criterion for driving our progress, growth, and providing better service to customers.

Maintain Enthusiasm

Maintain the passion for cybersecurity and actively engage in challenges

Pursue Excellence

Reach greater heights with an endless pursuit for high quality and more exceptional achievements

Mutual Trust and Assistance

Focus on teamwork, actively help each other, build mutual trust

Passion for Sharing

Passion for sharing learned insights and discoveries

Bravely Take Responsibility

Bravely take responsibility and strive to complete each mission

Focus on Commitment

Emphasis on personal commitments and achieving them through good planning

Open Mindset

Embrace possibilities, courage to propose diverse ideas

Employee Benefits

DEVCORE values each team member. We strive to offer a friendly work environment and employee benefits to build a workplace and team culture that allows each member to express their unlimited creativity. Aside from being cybersecurity experts capable of thinking like hackers, our colleagues must also be able to tackle every challenge with an open mindset. This is why they have earned many international awards over the years and have spotlighted Taiwan's cybersecurity capabilities to the world.

Listening to the thoughts of our colleagues

We value the thoughts and voices of every employee and host regular weekly tech sharing sessions, monthly 1-on-1 meetings with managers, a monthly employee meeting, and an annual company meeting. We encourage everyone to share their thoughts to make DEVCORE a better place actively.

Tech Sharing Session

Once a week, colleagues take turns sharing technology based on their desired topic. In addition to cybersecurity-related technical insights and perspectives, we also share knowledge related to finance and lifestyles. We believe mutual trust and learning is the key to improving our skills and personal growth.

1-on-1 Meetings

We encourage colleagues to freely share issues related to their personal work and life with their managers through monthly 1-on-1 meetings. The meeting is also an opportunity to ask questions or offer suggestions to the company; we believe that candid communication can create a better work environment.

Monthly Employee Meeting

During monthly employee meetings, each department focuses on and shares the company's current developments and progress across various departments. We believe that information transparency can encourage all employees and inspire them to collaborate in the generation of even more exceptional achievements.

Annual Company Meeting

At the annual company meeting, the CEO shares annual milestones and future developments so that each colleague fully understands where and why the company is headed. We believe that understanding breeds shared principles that allow each colleague to full-heartedly join the company in challenging the unknown, express their passion, and collaborate for a better future in cybersecurity.

Investing in Learning and Development

We offer multifaceted learning resources that inspire passion and an open mindset toward learning in our colleagues. This gives each employee more diverse career development opportunities within the company.

New Employee Training

Besides formal training for each newcomer who undergoes specially designed training programs within their departments. Personal mentors and team members assist new DEVCORE employees in the quick familiarization and integration with the team.

Subsidy for License Examinations

Employees in all job roles may submit a request to their managers and apply for license examination subsidies related to their job skills, thereby enhancing their professionalism and overall competitiveness.

Internal and External Training

DEVCORE conducts surveys on an as-needed basis to determine its teams' education and training requirements. This allows us to arrange courses by internal/external lecturers or at relevant institutes. Courses include foreign languages, communication, practical negotiation, project management, and professional presentations; public resources are utilized to improve the professional capabilities of our colleagues.

Diverse Online Courses

Due to changes caused by COVID-19, we've offered online learning channels to satisfy our colleagues' requirements, allowing them to learn autonomously without being restricted by time and space. Enjoy flexible, enjoyable learning and develop a diverse personal skill tree.

Friendly Employee Benefits

We protect the health and welfare of every colleague at the company by providing a wide range of employee benefits that help create an employee-centric and friendly work environment.


  • Travel subsidies
  • Childcare subsidies
  • Foreign language training subsidies
  • Year end bonus
  • Holiday cash gifts
  • Birthday cash gifts
  • Wedding and funeral subsidies
  • Referral bonus

Leave Benefits

  • New employees are allowed to use paid annual leave immediately upon employment
  • Five days of paid sick leave each year
  • Vacation leave

Event Benefits

  • Monthly massage service
  • Unlimited drinks and snacks
  • Ad hoc employee meal gatherings
  • Quarterly bonding meal gatherings
  • Company vacation

Health Benefits

  • Existing employees - annual health examination
  • New employees - employment health examination
  • Fitness subsidies
  • Flu vaccine subsidies
  • Employee assistance plans (EAPs)

Office Environment

A spacious work environment with a view of landmarks such as Taipei 101, Taipei Stadium, and Taipei Arena from our window
Aeron chairs and adjustable standing desks
Unlimited drinks and snacks along with ad hoc employee meal gatherings
Free use of espresso machine

Current job openings

No current openings