Join DEVCORE to Challenge the Unknown

DEVCORE is one of the few cybersecurity companies specializing in offensive security services in Taiwan and the first company to launch "Red Team Assessment" in Taiwan in 2017.

As Taiwan's most competent Red Team Assessment services provider, DEVCORE provides realistic and comprehensive cyber attack drills for governments, the financial sector, the high-tech manufacturing industry, and the e-commerce industry. We assist clients in understanding the hacker mindset so that they can develop effective cyber defense strategies from the attacker's perspective.

Core values

We hope that DEVCORERs can share the same philosophy and values. It is our expectation for ourselves and an essential criterion for driving our progress, growth, and providing better service to clients.

Maintain Enthusiasm

Maintain the passion for cybersecurity and be up for challenges

Pursue Excellence

Reach greater heights with an endless pursuit for high quality and excellence

Mutual Trust and Assistance

Focus on teamwork, help each other, and build mutual trust

Willing to Share

Willing to share insights and discoveries

Being Accountable

Being accountable and doing your best to complete each mission

Deliver on promises

Plan and execute what you promised to do

Being Open-minded

Embrace possibilities and dare to be different

Employee Benefits

DEVCORE values each member, so we strive to offer a friendly work environment and comprehensive employee benefits to build a workplace and team culture that allows each member to express their unlimited creativity.

We Listen to Our Colleagues

We value the thoughts of every employee, hosting weekly tech sharing sessions, monthly 1-on-1 meetings with managers, a monthly employee meeting, and an annual company meeting. We encourage everyone to share their ideas to make DEVCORE a better place.

Tech Sharing Session

We invite colleagues to share any aspects of technology weekly. The topics are not limited to cybersecurity but also finance and lifestyles. DEVCORE believes mutual trust and learning will improve our skills and enhance personal development.

1-on-1 Meetings

We encourage colleagues to share their thoughts about work and life, ask questions, or provide suggestions through monthly 1-on-1 meetings with their managers. We believe creating a candid communication culture can help provide a better work environment.

Monthly Employee Meeting

The primary purpose of monthly employee meetings is to help everyone understand the company's current status. We believe information transparency encourages all employees to achieve exceptional results.

Annual Company Meeting

At the annual company meeting, the CEO shares achieved milestones for last year, as well as strategies, and goals for the coming year. We believe that reaching a consensus helps us to create a better future for cybersecurity together.

We Invest in Employee Learning

We offer multiple learning resources that inspire open-mindedness and passion for learning. Meanwhile, it assists our colleagues with different possibilities and opportunities for their career development.

New Employee Training

In addition to standard training for newcomers, there are specific training programs for different departments. With the mentor's and colleagues' help, new DEVCORERs will adapt to the team quickly.

Subsidy for Licensing Examinations

Employees may apply for a subsidy for licensing examinations. We encourage everyone to enhance their professional skills and increase competitiveness.

Internal and External Training

DEVCORE conducts surveys for learning needs and arranges internal and external training programs. The courses include foreign language, communication, negotiation, project management, presentation skills, etc.

Various Online Courses

Due to the pandemic, we've provided various online courses to satisfy the learning needs of our colleagues and improve their existing, acquire new, skills and knowledge.

Employee Benefits

We care for our employees’ physical and mental health, provide a wide range of employee benefits, and create an employee-centric and friendly work environment.


  • Travel subsidies
  • Childcare subsidies
  • Foreign language training subsidies
  • Year-end bonus
  • Holiday cash gifts
  • Birthday cash gifts
  • Wedding and funeral subsidies
  • Referral bonus

Health Benefits

  • New employees: pre-employment medical examinations
  • Current employees: annual health check-up
  • Fitness subsidies
  • Flu vaccine subsidies
  • Employee assistance plans (EAPs)

Leave Benefits

  • Advance annual leave
  • Five days of paid sick leave per year
  • Current employees: three-day weekend

Other Benefits

  • Monthly massage
  • Irregular lunch/dinner gatherings
  • Quarterly bonding meal gatherings
  • Company trip

Office Environment

  • A spacious workplace with a view of Taipei 101 and Taipei Arena
  • Aeron ergonomic chairs and electric standing desks
  • Unlimited drinks, snacks, and espressos

Current job openings

No current openings