Penetration Testing
Verify Systems with Realistic Attacks.

Infiltration of designated enterprise systems with hacking techniques to uncover potential vulnerabilities, verify data breach risks and assess cybersecurity defenses.

Hackers are Targeting Enterprises' Vulnerabilities

  • Unlike computer viruses, hacker attacks are more aggressive and focus more on enterprises.
  • Penetration Testing is a comprehensive examination of a particular system.
  • Advantages of conducting Penetration Testing regularly: early remediation of vulnerabilities, improving cyber defenses, and minimizing cyber attacks' impact.

What Kind of Systems Need Penetration Testing?

Systems Storing Sensitive Data and Personal Information
Centralized Authorization System
Business Operating System (BOS)
Systems in the Perimeter Network or a DMZ
Systems with Powerful Social Impact

Penetration Testing is infiltrating designated enterprise systems with hacking techniques to uncover potential vulnerabilities, verify data breach risks, and assess cybersecurity defenses.

Test Items of Penetration Testing

Network Scanning

At the initial stage, we will conduct a reconnaissance of applications and services to build a rudimentary understanding of the potential attack surface.

Vulnerability Scanning

After network scanning, we will further examine known weaknesses and attempt to exploit them. We may develop customized tools to facilitate exploitation and assess the strategic value of findings

International Standards

Open Web Application Security Project, OWASP

Open Source Security Testing Methodology Manual, OSSTMM

Benefits of Penetration Testing

Evaluating the Risk Level and Exploitation of Combined Vulnerabilities

The remediation of high-risk vulnerabilities is often given a higher priority than medium and low-risk ones. However, attackers can combine trivial vulnerabilities into unexpectedly powerful attack chains. DEVCORE can unveil the actual severity and impact.

Recommendations for Improving Application Security

We offer tailored remediation advice based on the programming language, development framework, operating system, and website functionality. It allows developers to remediate vulnerabilities as soon as possible.

Verification of Vulnerability Remediation

If developers don’t remediate vulnerabilities throughly, it may lead to novel attacks if the vulnerability is combined with others. Therefore, DEVCORE will conduct thorough follow-up testing to ensure vulnerabilities are correctly remediated, decreasing the probability of this scenario.


DEVCORE's Penetration Testing service differs from others since it’s conducted manually by experienced cybersecurity experts. In addition, we leverage various techniques and combinations of vulnerabilities to verify the website’s security.

Penetration Testing Specialists with Hacker Mindset

We apply ever-evolving and sophisticated threats to our Penetration Testing service. Penetration Testing can only be realistic and successful when the testing team thinks like hackers.

Finding 0-days Before Hackers Do

We specialize in combining vulnerabilities of different risks and nature to maximize the impact and find unknown attack paths. Our experts have published vulnerabilities for many renowned international products. Thus, we’re capable of identifying your 0-day vulnerabilities before hackers do.

Able to Achieve Diverse Targets

Large organizations usually have wide-ranging attack surfaces, from websites, apps, and network equipment, to hardware and software. DEVCORE comprises experts in various systems, programming languages, and devices. We can tackle diverse objectives for an all-rounded security assessment.


  • How to Prepare for Penetration Testing?

    Providing access Information and permission settings: We need them to evaluate the functionality and complexity of the scope and targets for accurate price quotes.

    Confirmation of detailed schedule: We usually conduct testing during office hours so clients can patch vulnerabilities promptly. We also provide the source IP addresses of our actions for differentiating between authorized testing and real attacks.

  • Will Penetration Testing Affect Other Servers?

    No, DEVCORE strictly conducts testing in compliance with the terms and objectives agreed upon by both parties.

  • How to Protect Data Obtained through Penetration Testing?

    The acquisition and handling of data follow procedures agreed upon by both parties. For example, we may provide screenshots of access or an authorized number of data as evidence, which will be deleted upon completion of the Penetration Test.

  • How Often Should I Run Penetration Testing?

    We recommend conducting Penetration Testing before launching any major changes to core systems.

Verify Systems with Realistic Attacks.

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