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How I Hacked Facebook Again! Unauthenticated RCE on MobileIron MDM



This post is about my research this March, which talks about how I found vulnerabilities on a leading Mobile Device Management product and bypassed several limitations to achieve unauthenticated RCE. All the vulnerabilities have been reported to the vendor and got fixed in June. After that, we kept monitoring large corporations to track the overall fixing progress and then found that Facebook didn't keep up with the patch for more than 2 weeks, so we dropped a shell on Facebook and reported to their Bug Bounty program!

Advisory: Accellion File Transfer Appliance Vulnerability



According to a public data reconnaissance, there are currently 1,217 FTA servers online around the world, most of which are located in the US, followed by Canada, Australia, UK, and Singapore. Determine from the domain name and SSL Certificate of these servers, FTA is widely used by governmental bodies, educational institutions, enterprises, including several well-known brands.