Hacker's Mindset

  • Information Security Experts who Thinks like a Hacker

    DEVCORE consists of a group of information security experts who genuinely understand hackers. We enjoy challenging different mindsets and constantly evolving techniques. Our passion for techniques forms a strong support for the organizations.

  • Our Value to the Organizations

    We believe that an organization's efforts made in information security can build customer loyalty and enhance brand image. The first step for an organization to improve security is to know its own security architecture. Our value to the organizations lies in pinpointing the root of the security issues, so that they can distribute resources on right positions effectively.

  • We See Further and Walk Ahead of Others

    We are familiar with the latest intelligence and attack methods disclosed in various hacker communities, and can make sure your products are secure against latest attacks. As the discoverer of vulnerabilities in several world-famous vendors, we are more capable of finding 0-day exploits in your organization, ahead of the hackers. With our service, you will be able to actually experience real-world attack methods which you have not seen before, and help you determine whether your existing security-defense mindset is capable of tackling these attacks.



Business Development Manager

Allen Own


Anfa Sam

Full Stack Developer

Bowen Hsu

Security Researcher




Security Engineer


Security Engineer


Security Researcher


Security Engineer

Loyo Lai

Security Researcher


Security Researcher

Orange Tsai

Principal Security Researcher

Shaolin Hsu

Red Team Lead